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My First Year at Berkeley

May 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Where do I start? 

This year at Berkeley has been a roller coaster ride that was way too long, but somehow it kept winning you over as the next turn pulled me through. I've met a lot of amazingly talented people, both in my colleagues and mentors. I've learned a lot and landed my first job in journalism outside of my college paper. I'll be interning at NBC over the summer and visiting the east coast for the first time in my life. 

So, how would I sum up this first year? It was amazing, but only because of the people in it. Two of which are graduating in a couple of days, you made Berkeley feel like home when I was homesick and working with you has led to some of my favorite memories here at the J-School. The truth is, many of my friends are graduating this year and although I am sad about it, I am also extremely excited for them because I know that they are going to go on to do great things. So thank you second years for allowing me to work with you and entrusting me to work on some of your thesis projects. I'll see you at graduation! 

This blog post is going to be a mess since I am writing it at 2 am and will have no structure at all, well I guess the structure is whatever pops into my head and whether or not I can find a creative way to say that. The truth is I've never been a strong writer, I also didn't read much when I should have. Something about not being able to sit down with a book in front of me while watching the time fly by that made me feel like I was slowly letting life slip away. That's a little dramatic, but that's my way of telling myself that it was okay that I didn't read much. However, when a book ever did catch my eye I would binge read it like I binge watch Netflix series'. That is a bit hypocritical of me to say actually, but the reality is that I see myself as a visual person so I'd much rather see something on a screen over reading it. So why am I talking about my lack of reading? Well, it left me out of a lot of conversations up here in my first year. People really like to talk about books they have read, and so I nod and say I'll check it out. I think I only ever checked out one book that was recommended to me. 

Yes, I found myself out of some conversations but there is no reason to complain, right? Life is still good and there is always other topics to talk about amongst grad students that are studying the same thing you are, surely there is! Yes, there was but it was never like to conversations I can have with my friends back home. Maybe it's because I never stayed in a conversation long enough to give a chance, but the truth is I often get bored. Not bored with people but bored of standing in the same place talking about the same thing that has been talked about far too much during social gatherings. #thankstrump 

Then I made a new friend in the second semester that wasn't going to be here very long. I tried to not get close, but we had lots to talk about and finally I found someone that was fun to hang out with for more than a short conversation passing by. We began to hang out more and more, but as this semester comes to an end I have to accept that she won't be here next semester to talk about anything from relationship advice to J-School problems. Of course I hope we stay in touch, but life is busy and it always seems harder to communicate with someone when they aren't physically with you. 

That brings me to my relationship with my girlfriend, I'd be lying if I said it has been easy. At times it felt like we were on the verge of breaking up, but in the end we made it through the first school year of a long distance relationship. The harder part is only seeing her for a week this summer before leaving to New York. That leaves me no time to see her after the internship as well, I hope I can see her for a couple of hours at least. After that begins the second year, and from what I've seen in the current graduating year it is not going to leave much time for much communication. I hope our seemingly meaningless FaceTime calls can continue. I say seemingly meaningless because we often don't talk about much, but seeing each other is what makes this a little bit easier. At least just for a while. 


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